A while ago I wrote an article on Alternative Therapy. I described a number of aspects, varying from advantages to warnings. The advantages being an increased resistance, being more relaxed (also leading to a better resistance). The warnings have to do with never using alternative medicine on its own, but always as an addition to regular medicine. This piece will be about a similar warning, having to do with influencing your state of mind and with it, your mental health.

When it comes to your health, there are a number of key components: Your physical health, your mental health and then there’s something, which can not be specifically measured, but what everybody talks about and knows, being the amount of energy in your system. Mental components often influence the amount of energy you have (as in how you’re feeling and how much you can get done during the day) and in the long run also your physical health. When you have less energy, you’re resistance is likely to go down, which physical ailments being the result. The mental aspect is therefore a very important component for our health and with it for our wellbeing.

When getting support on a mental (psychological) level, it’s important that the whole process gets looked at. A number of professionals are very good at digging very deep, getting things to the surface, but next forget that it’s also their responsibility to let the person go home safe. By safe, I mean, without the risk of hurting oneself, because of emotions having come to the surface. This for instance happens when going to courses. People get send home, most of them are fine, but some of them are still very emotional and shaken up from what they’ve found out (experienced). Chances are, they will not pay enough attention on the road, with the necessary consequences.

Besides this happening when going to a course, it could also happen when going to a private session with a coach, counselor or even a psychologist. When people are working on a tight schedule, they may make you aware of certain mindsets, but not help you solve these mindsets, since you are running out of time. Since you’ll be returning next week any way (most of the time people with tight time schedules, also plan 5 sessions ahead), the resolution can wait for another week and you can get to think about it during this week. Wait a moment… wait another week (or worse even longer)???

Yes, it happens and I’ve seen a number of people who were completely depressed after such sessions. They had discovered their “dark” sides, uncovered certain habits and memories and next they were send off, without having been given any coping mechanisms. These people came from other coaches or psychologists and were extremely low in energy and didn’t know what to do. Next I got to patch them up, fix their mindsets, so they would become empowering, instead of draining away their energy, being the result of not knowing how to deal with the new (possibly rediscovered) knowledge.

When friends are helping out, they can cause the same effect. If they keep asking, they might uncover a hidden mindset. However they may not be trained to patch their friend back up again. So what to do next? Fortunately most friends are more about giving advice, then about listening and getting to those specific details and with it the mindsets behind them.

Besides professionals and/or friends, you might end up getting involved with people who want to make others aware of their mindsets. Let’s say for instance they ask you questions, which eventually show you that your ideas (let’s call it perspective on life) have been false all along. What will happen next, if your whole foundation, your whole life, had been built on this perspective? What will happen if you suddenly have been made aware that nothing adds up anymore and there’s no safety net, no one to give you the proper support on how to deal with this? Would you accept it if you then got told: “Oops sorry… not my field of expertise? I’m just here to give you a wake-up call?”

In each of the examples, whether having to do with professionals, amateur philosophers and/or well meaning friends, there’s a real risk involved. People might come out worse of a situation, then before they went in. When someone is “messing” with your mind, whether well meant or not, it’s very important to be aware of the possible results. If you cannot be helped while being in “trouble”, you shouldn’t be given this wakeup call to begin with.

So, if you ever are to get involved in such a process, be careful that what’s been started can also be finished. If it can’t be finished, or you are not willing to let others help you get through the whole process, you might not even want to have people start digging in your mind to begin with. Getting things ditched up (again) and not having these resolved, can be way more dangerous for your state of mind, as in leaving things be. You’re better off being unhappy, than being confronted with your worst fears and not knowing what to do with this.

Going back to the beginning of this piece, I was talking about alternative medicine and working with people who are not qualified or trained to do what they pretend to be doing. This can also be applied to people in regular healthcare (psychologists for instance) and/or people in the alternative circuit. Make sure, you always go see a properly trained professional, who knows what he or she is doing and will take the responsibility to make sure you return home/stay safe at all times. You always want to make sure that if hidden mindsets are dug up and/or certain ideas or memories get uncovered, there’s someone to fall back upon, making sure you can get back in the right state of mind. And yes, you may have doubts in the process, but as long as you feel secure, despite these doubts, and you have a safety net, you will most likely be fine.

Finishing this story on the importance of the right State of Mind, I want to emphasize, the importance of those people who are willing and able to help others find out their own “truth”. Reaching people’s hidden mindsets and uncovering unknown “blind spots” is an art in itself. Some people are good at it, while others will never be, or even worse, won’t even care to (listen). If you are one of those people who have such a special persons in your surroundings, who can reach your hidden mindsets and get them uncovered, you might be very lucky (providing you let them work with you). Know that these people can take pride in what they do, since only few people can seriously listen to others, while also getting through to them, making them listen, and understand. By doing so, they can and will (seriously) improve other people’s lives.