TreefrogThis week was about having a struggle, wondering if I would have to give up on some of my dreams (including principles) or not. This weekend it all seemed to be combining when going to a seminar on internet marketing. It was called “Leap frogging” but the actual theme was about “Transformation”. The funny thing was that I’d been promised another transformation in my life the week before, so if this means this is telling for what the future might hold, things look promising to me.

Let’s start with a remark/observation which had been made. The Secret sounds nice, so does visualization, but it leaves out one important clue. Without the proper action, things won’t take off. The good news was I got to realize I’d already been working steadily on my dreams the last couple of years. It’s not the way I had expected things to run their course, but one way or another, things have been developing and I have been building a solid foundation for my practice, even when other people were inclined to show me differently.

Now it’s up to me to get that focus back on my dream(s), by taking a look at what I’ve achieved so far and see how I can use this. And this is what I’ve been doing lately and especially this weekend, continuing this very moment. The key factor here is “time” and I’ve become aware that one of the people, who somehow has started to play a very important part in my life, already pointed this out to me. Time is limited and should be spend wisely. Translated it would mean that every time we spend time on certain things, it should lead to something productive/useful.

The (public) commitment I made was to make a planning today, having to do with my business. At the course a certain expression was used, being the focus of a “shrimp” (thanx Eelco ;-)). Please forget about the “shrimp”. The term is merely used to keep remembering what it’s all about and it’s about doing multiple things at the same time and not achieving anything at all as a result. That’s how things work – up there – in my mind, if I do not control them and tell myself to do the important stuff. With everything I’ve done up till now, certain things may be achieved rather sooner than later, if I push through now.

So here it is again, the focus to keep on living my dream. If I’m going to let go off this focus in the next few days, I can forget about everything I’ve done up till now and life will be a complete disaster, so no, let’s not. Let’s keep that focus no matter what. The good thing is that with this part of the dream being realized, others will be able to be realized as well. There will be more time available to work for instance on project ESP or on something similar.

I’ve come to understand lately that maybe I should not just focus on this being the only option to get things proven, but just maybe there are other options as well. This makes me realize that what I got taught a year ago is proven to be very true. It’s not so much about the “how” but about the end result. When it comes to project ESP, this means proving (some of) the metaphysical (aspects) is (are) real. For my dreams it means this bit, but also being able to go on what I got to enjoy so much in life. Doing what I am good at.

Last year several people each tried to get to me to focus on different things. It was confusing to say the least. This had to do with the “how”. I am a person who’ll never just stick to one thing. I’ve never done so, even when working for a boss, I always had multiple roles, wherever I showed up. It seems it’s no different when it comes to what I’m doing now and each direction seems to be developing in its own pace. Whereas I’d expected the coaching to go into a certain direction, it seems to be going there, but the route is wondrous, to say the least. The most important clients are being picked up at the spiritual fair and they are the business people I like to interact with mostly.

Taking a look at the massage, I can tell you I never set out to do anything with this. It was the result of me wanting to be able to “feel” the muscles in the human body, instead of knowing all about them just from theory and doing exercises. Still the massage was what started my practice and all else followed. Being a therapist has never been based on the massage, this is based on working with the energy and even while having a license based on this field of expertise, I always said I wanted to remain “down to earth” and not be seen as the “woo” person, which is the direct result of that same field of expertise. As a coach I can get people to face reality, yet I work with that same energy and with mediations and visualizations. So somehow it all seems to mingle.

The focus however is not about realizing one specific aspect, while forgetting all else, my dream has to do with combining all of it, each at different levels. This can be done and the terminology is called “building”, ONE layer at a time. So focussing is still very important. Everything can be done, if done in the right order, which means I have to careful with this one thing which seems to evaporate very quickly, being time.

Combining focus with mindsets in order to accomplish this transformation, needed to keep on living my dream(s), it’s about using my knowledge on mindsets, meditation and affirmations, plus a lot of other stuff, like writing blog posts, to get the massage course going. I want people to know it’s something I got to develop and now is the time to make this happen.

The most amazing part while writing this, is realizing how everything just seems to interact. The writing of blog posts, leading up to articles. The exercises leading up to mind discipline. Setting up this website and meanwhile getting to practice a number of important aspects, all having to with internet (marketing). And now all comes back to this theme called “transformation”, combined with mindsets. It’s about showing others that what I say I stand for, I not only talk about, but in actuality practice. Whoa, that sounds like a lot, as in a huge responsibility. Then again, I believe we get what we can handle, so let’s see if I can live up to what I’ve said I wanted to do most and can do the best, being “living my dream”.


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