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For a while now, I’ve been wondering how to “design” myself. How do I want to present myself? How do I want the world to see me? And if they look at me, will they even see me, the way I see myself and especially what I know I can do for those out there, including YOU. If I were to tell you I’m a dream designer, would you believe me, or better yet, fully understand me?

That may sound cocky* at best, but then again, I know what I can deliver, since I’ve done it not only once or twice, but many times over the last decade (yes, I’m getting old(er). There’s no denying it ;-). For those who aren’t sure, my emoticons are a dead give-away.)

Three seconds

Getting back to the original question, I can’t help wondering how important a good and clear statement is. A statement which captures one’s attention, getting them curious to explore on. It should also be obvious enough to understand what it is I’m doing, preferably in that same instance. Three seconds. That’s all I have. Three seconds to capture your attention, so you will read on or click on a link, whatever has been made available by me.

Dream cards

Back  to reality. I’m talking dream cards here, business cards which should be inspiring enough to have people go to that place, which contains those stories, blogs, vlogs, whatever is wished for. After all, not everyone is the same, so each person will have its preference. So I’ve got two questions for you:

1) Do you think it could be optional to capture that on a dream business card?

2) Which medium would inspire you? See vid below.

Please post your answer below in the comment field, short and sweet :-).


* I’d rather be seen as corky. Enough said.

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